Stallion Advertisement



Stallion Advertisement

Variable Pricing

Our stallion advertisement was created to allow stallion owners to advertise their stallion in an affordable, professionally designed advertisement. Showcase everything a prospective breeder would need to know in a beautiful, easy-to-read design without the high cost of a fully custom advertisement.

Start advertising today with a professionally designed advertisement that has proven results to showcase your stallion online.

Includes: (1) Stallion Advertisement, (1) Booked In Full Advertisement



  • Select the advertisement you wish to create, click buy now, fill out the form, and then complete your purchase.
  • Once your order is placed, you will receive a series of emails that will notify you where we are at in the design process.
  • All of our advertisements go through an approval process. If your media submission (photo/video) didn’t meet our guidelines or if we have any questions, your order will be placed on hold and our designer will reach out to you directly.
  • Advertisements that meet our guidelines are completed within 48 hours of your purchase.
  • When we complete your advertisement we will send you an email with your advertisement.  Simply click on the link and it will prompt the download.
  • You can share your advertisement wherever you choose! The only limitation is that our advertisements can not be altered or modified in anyway due to our copyright.
  • If you decide that you want to update your advertisement at anytime after your purchase you can do so by filling out our order adjustment form here. Order adjustments have an additional charge.

Pricing Structure: 

Photo Advertisement: $40.00
Video Advertisement: $50.00
Monthly Promotion: $20.00/month
(Includes Listing)

Our pricing structure is the same for every advertisement.  We offer monthly social media promotion for every advertisement but is not a requirement.  You can purchase an advertisement without social media promotion, however, if you want your advertisement featured on our social media you must purchase our monthly social media promotion.

We understand that to grab buyers’ attention, you must showcase your horse in the best possible way. With this information in mind, we have set guidelines for all media submissions. View our media guidelines here.

Get your advertisement featured on our social media and a listing!

– Advertisement posted on social media every 14 days for only $20/mth

– Listing on listings.thepremierhorsemarket.com


We will continue to post your advertisement every 14 days until your horse sells, stallion books in full, or until you decide to cancel.

You can cancel anytime by contacting us directly or on the account page using the quick links. 

Social Media Promotion must be purchased for advertisement to be posted on our social media channels.

Click buy now or scroll down to access the advertisement form. Complete the form and follow the prompts to add social media promotion to your cart. 



Stallion Advertisement


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